Kayla- Pierce's best friend


Kayla is a fun, spunky, and quirky friend of Pierce's. She is nice, yet sometimes doesn't know when is a time to be serious. When she sees Pierce and John bring Alex back from the dead, at first she thinks they are vampires. Kayla had a crush on Alex for a while, but then she fell in love with Frank who works for John. At one point, Kayla speaks to Pierce about opening up a hair salon. She does this at the end of Awaken.

Appearance Edit

Kayla has warm borwn eyes and dark, curly hair with purple streaks. She is said to be chubby, and with large breasts. 


Pierce Oliviera- Kayla's best friend

Alex- For a short amount of time, Kayla had a crush on Alex, Pierce's cousin, but now they are simply friends. 

Frank- Kayla's boyfriend

Mother- Kayla fought regularly with her mother. They do not get along.