John Hayden- drawing


John is a little bit temperamental. He is very protective of Pierce, and loves her very much. He is always worried that she will recklessly get herself killed. John has some father issues which he does not like to talk about. He was killed by his own crew mates. John is quite bitter, and very dark. He gets quite serious at times. Yet, he has a soft side - especially for Pierce - and he can be very kind. He wants to marry and have children, which he and Pierce agree to do at the end of Awaken, book three. 


John is said to be very good-looking. He has black-as-night hair and silvery-gray eyes that are always described to be stormy. He has pale skin and is very muscular, due to his awesome deity powers. 


Pierce Oliviera- Pierce is John's girlfriend and soulmate. 

Mr. Liu, Frank, Mr. Graves- John's crewmates aboard the Liberty.